One More Future Millionaire!- Kat

"I love teaching and changing people's lives, it just doesn't pay enough, which means I work more and don't spend time with the kids, and don't have time to workout... I like the idea of having the freedom to make my own schedule and not have to be stressed to find time to do a simple thing like do the laundry".

Why You’re So Damn Poor!: Television

Yep… That’s our HUGE 32” TV with our FREE Apple TV hand-me-down sitting next to it, on the piece of furniture that Kristen haggled down an additional 20% from the salesman by saying “come on… look at this thing, no one else is going to come buy this thing… its hideous” If you can’t tell, we care a lot about our appearance and TV’s in this household…

Disordered Finances?

For those interested I will explain what the mechanism of a "disorder" looks like when someone cannot take responsibility for their lives. (including financial) So, yes... I'm "diagnosing" some of what I see and hear in terms of people's "disordered" finances.