Cut The Cord & Cut The Bill

The problem with gouging your customers, is that you leave them begrudgingly paying for your service until a competitor comes along, and then they will HAPPILY move to your competitor, even if the price is the same. Luckily for us, the market for unlimited data in cell-phone companies just took a giant leap forward.

One More Future Millionaire!- Kat

"I love teaching and changing people's lives, it just doesn't pay enough, which means I work more and don't spend time with the kids, and don't have time to workout... I like the idea of having the freedom to make my own schedule and not have to be stressed to find time to do a simple thing like do the laundry".

Why You’re So Damn Poor!: Television

Yep… That’s our HUGE 32” TV with our FREE Apple TV hand-me-down sitting next to it, on the piece of furniture that Kristen haggled down an additional 20% from the salesman by saying “come on… look at this thing, no one else is going to come buy this thing… its hideous” If you can’t tell, we care a lot about our appearance and TV’s in this household…

Disordered Finances?

For those interested I will explain what the mechanism of a "disorder" looks like when someone cannot take responsibility for their lives. (including financial) So, yes... I'm "diagnosing" some of what I see and hear in terms of people's "disordered" finances.

34 Months Until Freedom!

It’s clear at this point that barring any major changes in our income or expenses that we will be able to achieve our investment goals in 34 more months as long as we take things month by month and do everything possible to hit the high bars we have set for ourselves.