Where Did We Go? Are We Unemployed Yet?

Where DID we go?

You know that feeling when you are going to be REALLY REALLY REALLY late getting something done, so it becomes easier to just put it off longer? That’s what has happened to us lately with this blog.

The answer is we haven’t gone anywhere, or done much of anything… At least it feels that way. Here is a list of what we have done, but failed to take the time to share with everyone.


  • We increased our net worth by about $42,000 (not including market increases)
  • We built our deck for our back yard, built gardens and walkways (by hand), and drank a lot of adult beverages there while discussing the future.


Kristen is seen here doing work, but in truth it was mostly her mom and uncle that did the heavy lifting on this project.


  • We did a lot of research (blogs and podcasts) on travel hacking and have accumulated about 200,000 miles/points this year. (I’m sure Kristen will explain more in a future blog)


  • We took an 11 day canoe trip to reflect on life and unplug from our crazy summer
  • We started a 3rd company (still in development, should launch by the new year) which will directly lead to the development of our 4th company down the road.


  • Rory’s primary company is set to reach 1 Million in revenue this year.


We have spent the last few months doing a lot of really awesome stuff towards improving our lives, and striving towards financial independence as always. However, in the process we seem to have gone through the entire summer feeling as though all we have done is work. Needless to say, we are struggling with this feeling, as we’re sure a lot of financial independence and early retirement folks feel from time to time.


Time… A finite resource


The old adage that TIME is the one resource you cannot buy more of is really ringing true to us lately. We are faced with the feeling from time to time that we would like to sell everything we own, quit our jobs, and move into a camper with our fur babies and leave this chaotic work life behind. Of course, then we are faced with a practical push back to that feeling when we see such a short time horizon to the beginning of our early retirement (now 27 months).

Still, we are having that feeling that we are sacrificing these next 2-3 years of our lives, barely seeing each other, with the promise of no longer needing to sacrifice time for money. In the end will the sacrifice be worth it? We think so.

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