Why You’re So Damn Poor!: Television


Ahhh Television…

Rory here…

Yep… That’s our HUGE 32” TV with our FREE Apple TV hand-me-down sitting next to it, on the piece of furniture that Kristen haggled down an additional 20% from the salesman by saying “come on… look at this thing, no one else is going to come buy this thing… its hideous” If you can’t tell, we care a lot about our appearance and TV’s in this household…

In the past we have focused on some giant suckholes of money that the average American willingly jumps into including “housing upgrades” and irresponsible spending on things like guns. In the future we will elaborate on our feelings on cars, home improvement, travel, and luxury services like house cleaning, spas, and household services. THIS episode of Why You’re So Damn Poor! We are going to focus on one of our favorite topics…. Television!

Get ready for my infomercial add selling you this nice package of financial suckage…


ONLY 39 Remaining In This Limited Time Offer! Act NOW

Yes, that expensive box that sits in your house, often idle in terms of you obtaining entertainment from it, not only costs you upwards to $1000 to purchase (significantly less than in the past) and has 65” of impressive viewing space to watch useless reality TV, but it ALSO comes with it an all-inclusive package that allows the average American the ability to spend $123 on cable/satellite programming a month! (a mere $1,476 a year) FOR 189 CHANNELS!! You might think “That’s a fair amount of programming, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my money!” but wait, there’s more! Yes, if you buy that 65” monstrosity now, you will also justify using the internet you are already spending an average of $51 a month on (assuming you want SLOW internet and not the $140 internet that will give you FAR more surfing pleasure) on wonderful additions to your 189 channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. Heck, you can have all three for another $360 a year!

You might think I’m finished… not yet! If you sign up now, we will throw in nearly unlimited “vampire loads” to your electric bill, and an additional $10 a month to your otherwise puny electric bill!

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, the 65” TV, with the 189 channels, internet, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and ability to increase your electric bill could all be yours… For the LOW LOW price of $2,956!! What a STEAL!

… If you order in the next 10 minutes, we will let you in on a industry secret… Yes, if you buy that NEW 65” TV right now, we will assure you that you will be unhappy with it in 3-5 years or less and very likely to buy ANOTHER BRAND NEW 67” or maybe 69” TV! Yes that’s right, the pursuit of the newest, most amazing, friend pleasing, electricity wasting, upkeep cost heavy appliance your house has ever seen can be yours all over again in 3-5 years! Get to your local box store now and perpetuate Why You’re So Damn Poor!

End infomercial… Did I sell you?


TV’s, TV’s Everywhere

Want another reason TV’s make you so damn poor? I’ll cite you one. Did you know that the average American watches about 34 hours of TV a week? And that number is climbing. Here is another one you can correlate to that one. Many of us have either read the book “Rich Habits” by Thomas C. Corley, or are at least familiar with his research. I find it quite revealing. In his five years researching the habits of the rich and the poor, he asked the following question on a survey:

“I watch TV one hour or less per day.”
Rich people who agree: 67%
Poor people who agree: 23%

He also analyzed what they were watching. 78% of the poor people interviewed watched reality TV shows, and only 6% of the wealthy did.

Perhaps ANOTHER reason You’re So Damn Poor! Is that you spend 34 hours a week watching TV when you could be productive elsewhere? To me it seems like a double negative. Having 34 hours a week of WASTED time, AND spending THOUSANDS of dollars a year “entertaining” yourself?

I digress…

2 thoughts on “Why You’re So Damn Poor!: Television

  1. Nicole says:

    Last year when we moved house we decided not to plug our TV in again and it is amazing how much creative time it’s freed up. We live in Australia so there is enough free television that we never paid for cable, but that said, we ended up watching a lot of crap. I would often turn the thing on just for company! I still watch things sometimes but streaming on the laptop, and more often than not I choose reading or listening to music instead.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheRoadToUnemployment says:

      It’s truly amazing what happens when you don’t waste your time watching tv… I wish we could say we are perfect at it… sadly we aren’t, but when we spend time in the wilderness with no “screentime” to speak of we have much more creative thought, that’s for sure!


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