Cheapskate Confessions

Cheapskate Confessions


We are going to start airing our dirty laundry when it comes to being cheapskates… Or rather, what others would probably call us cheapskates over. They’ll likely be brief and to the point. Sometimes with a nice rant associated with them.


Cheapskate Confessions:

Episode 1: Razor Madness


Rory has had the same razor since he was in the Marines! Yep, that nasty old Gillette Mach 3 razor has been around for more than a decade. Rory has hauled it around since Iraq in 2004 at least, probably longer, but that’s as far back as he remembers having it. As if that wasn’t cheap enough, he hasn’t bought razors for it for 3 years! Now, before you think “Oh, well, he probably had a large stockpile…” Nope… He last bought an 8 pack of razors 3 years ago. Razors are EXPENSIVE and this saves us some big money, so we are happy this is the case.

How is this possible? We don’t really know, but it seems like these razors last exceptionally longer than most people give them credit. There are 2 razors left in the broken and faded plastic case they came in, and although notably more dull than when first used, don’t give him any razor burn when he shaves with them two or three times a week. Is it the Bigelow shave cream? (Also 3 years since he bought some) or is it the razors themselves? Who knows, but he has no desire to replace the razor handle itself until the latch breaks and will no longer accept new razor blades… When that happens we will probably get some sort of crazy-good promotional deal on razors and see how long we can make those last.

Are we an anomaly, or do other people have the same experience?


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