Why You’re So Damn Poor!

Why ARE You So Damn Poor Anyway?

We have decided we are going to start a new and ongoing installment of our blog entitled why you’re so damn poor! We have a fun habit of taking pictures, screenshots, and general observations of things we see day to day that appear to us as very poor financial decisions. We particularly take note of these things when it is coupled with a person who makes some reference or complaint about not having money etc.

It’s pretty much just going to be an outlet for us to reiterate to ourselves why WE don’t make these decisions, and why WE are happy that we don’t. So, sit back and enjoy our banter as we have these observations and rants about them.

This is the part where we think we should make a disclaimer about not JUDGING anyone, and that this is only us judging our own situation and views on things…. That’s a lie… We’re judging you.

And the first example is a screenshot we just took of a friend’s Facebook page. Yup, LOTS of guns. Now, we are gun fans, we even own a few that can be considered “unnecessary”, but we enjoy target practice, and not being out-gunned for home defense, BUT the above picture is likely around $5,000-$7,000 worth of firearms, most of which don’t appear to be the cheapest options available. Not a problem right? Well, what if I told you this person has been homeless a few times in the past few years AND his current job is at a local Dunkin’ Donuts? Not only does this person not find the money to invest in his future, but can’t afford stable housing… What the hell are you doing being homeless and employed at a minimum wage job with that kind of mostly useless assets sitting around?

Thats why you’re so damn poor!

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